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20 Years to 20 Minutes: How ML, AI and ANN need to be leveraged in business

Rtn Nikhil S Gurjar, President of Consulting Connoisseurs, the top management consulting firm, speaks of how organizations end up with faulty implementations of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Neural Network systems and how these need to be corrected procedurally. The most common issues in such implementations is the absence of an understanding of the […]

President Nikhil Gurjar was interviewed by DD Sahyadri on Indo-Brazil Relations

President Nikhil Gurjar was interviewed by DD Sahyadri on Indo-Brazil Relations on 25 Jan 2020. The discussion was largely on the impact and the expectations between the countries in the light of the visit of the Brazilian President to India. The YouTube link is given here

Holistic Considerations to Arrest Project Failures

The holistic perspective tells us high level considerations for projects. To implement the solutions, please connect with Consulting Connoisseurs, the best management consulting firm that gives a guarantee proposition to their offerings! Visit for more details.

The Critical Nature of the Critical Path

Most corporate houses use the Critical Path Method (CPM) to manage their projects. In fact, most standard project planning and scheduling software are designed to instantly highlight critical paths. Although every project manager would vouch for the utility of this tool, there are many instances where this actually tends to fail. The Most Significant In […]

Deep Pockets Project Management

DPPM or Deep Pockets Project Management is a concept where companies spend disproportionately high amounts on their projects. Project costs are often inflated by at least a factor of 2-3 times the estimates. DPPM is usually done to alter the business cases and the company’s financial exposure in such projects. For instance, an infrastructure project […]

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