Book on Smart Supply Chains 3.0

About the Book

We are releasing a new book early next month. Here is a short summary of the book:

This book is slated to be a quick reference for people who want to understand the changes in the supply chain management discipline that are going to create a new wave of supply chain paradigms in future. It covers the basic tools and techniques used in understanding supply chains as well as selected case studies on upcoming enablers like BlockChains, 3D Printing, ML, etc. The book helps the reader gain deep insights into their business models as well as their supply chain perspectives.
The books is not a theoretical treatment with too much of a jargon-centric focus, but it does a good deal of substantiating what is normally taught in theory, with a quick-to-adopt perspective. Thus, important modern day concepts are introduced using a method and style that is casual and simple, but to the point, making it easy to comprehend for the new age reader. It is practice oriented and consultative, allowing a flexible and a learning approach rather than a prescriptive one. Thus, one could read it easily, even without any prior knowledge of the subject. It thus, caters to both beginners as well as professionals alike.
Most importantly, it helps the reader experience how expertise brings in rigor when it works in practical situations, thereby taking the reader to effortlessly go in depth, when needed. We cover and learn a lot of new age technologies throughout the book. And these are further made interesting through several real life applications in the form of case studies that help the reader comprehend the dynamics and learn intensly complex concepts from a practice perspective.
The book helps one prepare oneself for the next move: be it entering the supply chain family of professions, or taking up senior roles within organizations. Therefore, it provides a sound understand about cutting edge methods including the state of the art modeling and simulation approaches that are used in supply chain management today.
Lastly, it gives a sound perspective and a clear understanding about supply chain disruptions using new technologies like Industry 5.0, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Neural Networks, BlockChains and Analytics. Therefore, this is a must read in the current times.

The book is available for pre-order on direct transfer as well as GooglePay and PayTM for Indian users.

For Placing Orders in India

To place an order, you may use any of the following 3 options:

Using the regular bank transfer mode
Using the PayTM App
Using the GooglePay App

Please don’t forget to send in your emails with the transaction reference. The book will be delivered over email as a pdf.

The Kindle edition would be released towards the end of May, 2020

For Placing Orders from Overseas

In order to place the order from overseas, please use PayPal for the transaction. The details of the prices in the image below.

The PayPal payment can be done to Delivery would be done within 7 days of receiving the payment. The book is slated to be released on May 07, 2020

For Amazon Kindle Users

If you would like to place the order via Amazon, please use the link given here.

For Google Play Books Users

If you would like to place the order via Google Play Books, please use the link given here.

Details of the ISBN Numbers

For the ebook format, the ISBN Number is 978-81-946070-1-4

For the hardbound copy, the IBSN Number is 978-81-946070-0-7

Book on Smart Supply Chains 3.0

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