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The Nuclear Energy Juggernaut: An Alternative Stand?

In recent times, a lot of effort has been made to understand technology and the sustenance of societal growth. One of the limiting factors, among many others, is that of energy. Energy considerations have become vital for every country today. According to a study by MIT, the growth in global energy demand is expected to […]

The Many Forms of Truth

The understanding of truth is a fundamental concern for most executives. It reflects itself in the most fundamental needs of management: data, information, knowledge and wisdom. It is important to understand that truth(s) have different forms and levels. This fundamental understanding actually has two direct fallouts viz., the phenomenon of abstraction due to the levels […]

Out of the Box Thinking: Challenges for Leaders

When new leaders take over their roles, they are often know to change the ways of business. This has essentially two dimensions: The business situation is constantly evolving, thereby, calling for new ideas and business paradigms and The stakeholders have different comfort levels on the appropriateness and competencies of particular leaders, thereby, supporting and welcoming […]

Strategizing Business Process Outsourcing

Outsourcing is the involvement of an external entity to provide someproduct or service to a business usually on a medium to long-term basis. With increased pressures from the markets, countries (especially the developed nations) are skeptically revisiting their once-hailed globalization policies and moving towards protectionist philosophies. In this context, the phenomenon of outsourcing, especially when […]

Advantage Retail

Introduction Retail, most times, is associated with a variety of challenges that are complex due to the spectrum of possibilities that it offers. However, from a pure strategy management point of view, this industry is possibly best positioned due to The ‘distance’ it has to their consumer (practically ‘zero’) giving numerous possibilities to be in-sync […]

The Real Challenges of Real Estate

Introduction The real estate industry is closely watched as it represents a substantial amount of capital in the form of investment for any economy. The sector in India, is now developing through two modes: Organic growth of the smaller players and The entry of big conglomerates. However, as in every business it is not always […]

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