Year: 2019

The Critical Nature of the Critical Path

Most corporate houses use the Critical Path Method (CPM) to manage their projects. In fact, most standard project planning and scheduling software are designed to instantly highlight critical paths. Although every project manager would vouch for the utility of this tool, there are many instances where this actually tends to fail. The Most Significant In […]

Deep Pockets Project Management

DPPM or Deep Pockets Project Management is a concept where companies spend disproportionately high amounts on their projects. Project costs are often inflated by at least a factor of 2-3 times the estimates. DPPM is usually done to alter the business cases and the company’s financial exposure in such projects. For instance, an infrastructure project […]

7 Warning Signs of Issues with Project Tracking and Control

Managers and stakeholders often ask me as to how good their PMO operates in. To answer this question, we released a short video on the 7 warning signs that indicate a potential compromise of the project tracking and control system. Simplistically speaking, there are 7 warning signs and not confirmed errors. Please note that as […]

The Project Tracking and Controlling Challenge

There have been a lot of challenges in the areas of project tracking and controlling that have been plaguing project managers for a long time. Let us get a better perspective as to what these are. Approaches There are fundamental questions that project managers ask / get asked; some of which include: What the current […]

Hands-on Workshop on Business Planning on 22 November 2019

Our flagship program for entrepreneurs is back again. On 22 November from 10 am to 6 pm. The program is meant for entrepreneurs who want to grow and increase profits in their organizations. It shows the basics of Business Planning and enables organizations to understand how they need to take things forward. The program comes […]

Olovy Launch on 25 October 2019

Our upcoming event is on 25th October 2019 where we would be talking about Business Planning in the Digitial Transformation Context at the launch of is a curated digital platform for Technology Service Providers. In other words, its the Amazon for Technology Service Providers. The project is the brainchild of Arvind Prabhu, who […]

Enabling Traceability in Supply Chains

Supply Chains often become overly complex when traceability principles aren’t applied at the design phase. It is often seen that companies spend several hours conducting stock audits to look for ‘lost’ items that are later found at ‘other corners’ of the organization. Dimension 1: Information System The first fundamental problem is the choice of the […]

The Nuclear Energy Juggernaut: An Alternative Stand?

In recent times, a lot of effort has been made to understand technology and the sustenance of societal growth. One of the limiting factors, among many others, is that of energy. Energy considerations have become vital for every country today. According to a study by MIT, the growth in global energy demand is expected to […]

Information Handling and Management: How do you Fare?

Information handling is most often a quality of the people in an organization. One of the most significant factors in defining successes, it is often ignored by most organizations. For example, it is a known fact that geographies like India have manpower that are good at handling information as compared with geographies like Germany and […]

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